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Print Services d.o.o Belgrade has emerged as a logical trail of many years of family business in the field of stamping, engraving and printing.

Since this market business, because of its breadth, has developed in different directions, our business policy is to approach each partner separately, and for each of us adjust our offer, in this way, to be the maximum support for their further development. We are particularly ready to support, precisely, develop and modernize the operations of our partners, online business as well as new, innovative ideas.

Since 1953, when, grandfather Bogdan, founded the first sealer, we are engaged in graphic work family. All this time, following the current trends, modernizing our business, expanding our business, we continue our business in this area.

In 2014 we founded Print Services d.o.o. and we start distributing, first equipment and reproducing materials for seals, then equipment and materials for engraving as well as equipment and sublimation materials.

Our distribution program includes Shiny seal machines with accompanying stamping materials, Photocentric polymers for sealing, INNOGRAV materials and engraving and assembly equipment, as well as equipment for the sublimation of the world’s largest manufacturers.

What we want to stand out on the market is precisely the choice of a partner, a manufacturer, with whom we establish cooperation and whose products we distribute. These are the world’s leading manufacturers, which guarantees our partners the highest standards in all relevant issues, such as product quality and reliability. This is recognized on the market, so that from day to day we have more and more partners who want to work with us.


Shiny is a premium stamp manufacturer that has gained its reputation through its long-term investment in quality and is currently on the quality and design of seal machines as well as the breadth of its supply by the world's leading manufacturer. In our market, this quality is recognized and supported by a 5 year warranty that is obtained for each Shiny automaton.


Innograv is a German manufacturer of engraving and assembly materials, and for many years is one of the leading European and world manufacturers. What distinguishes it in the market is constant high quality products.


Sublimation is a printing method that provides great opportunities and certainly one of the most promising types of printing. Sublimation is applicable in many industries, it is still most commonly used in the souvenir industry and is increasingly used in industrial marking and it is irreplaceable in small pieces production and making small series of items in full color.

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