Dear friends,

It happens to us that after long-lasting business, there is some goods left on our (your) stock that we can not sell for various reasons. Sometimes the goods are physically damaged, sometimes they are missing some part, sometimes we took the engraving material we used for some business and after that we did not have the opportunity to sell the rest, sometimes simply what we have not been looking for in the market and sometimes outdated as a model.

Around the New Year, we somehow cut down bills, we make lists, and so on. Maybe it is the right time to get rid of these goods and replace them with the ones that we can sell.

With this in mind, we have designed for you a special offer, which allows you to get rid of this “bad stock” and replace it with new ones that you can quickly sell, make money and additional working capital.

Here’s how we designed this action:

  1. The action applies to all goods that you have in stock and would like to replace it with the new equipment and equipment for sealing, equipment and engraving materials as well as equipment and sublimation materials, regardless of model, manufacturer, condition and appearance of goods and whether you purchased those goods from us or from another supplier, the age of those goods is also not important.
    It is necessary to separate the goods and determine its value whatever you want or feel it is realistic.
    You can send us both separate and packaged goods by mail at the invoice, with the note that the goods for the action are “Cleaning a Bad Lager” with a value you have determined.
  2. Before sending goods and bills, you need to make an order on our portal or a call from our lager you want to replace in the value of five times the amount of your account to us. This order is made as any other at regular prices and under the regular conditions you already have.
  3. You pay the invoice for goods you pay in regular terms and conditions, and this amount is reduced by the value of your account to us and the amount of your account is compensated for the remaining amount of our account.
  4. The goods we get from you are carried and handed over to a recycling center.

Here’s why we consider this opportunity to be very good.

For example, if you have a stock in the amount of 10.000,00 RSD that is inactive in terms of sales, as it does not generate income, and you replace it with new goods that you can immediately sell, since in craft services the selling price is 4-6 times higher than purchase price, sometimes even more, you can earn 40,000.00 – 60,000.00 RSD in a week or two very quickly, on the merchandise that is “collecting dust” and increasing your working capital for that amount and paying the total bill towards us.

This special offer will end on January 15th 2019, and will not be repeated during the year, so use this opportunity and arrange your stock and finances.

You can put all additional questions about the details of the action at +381652414820


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