Shiny is a manufacturer of premium-grade seals. Since 2004, when he won the PREMIUM BRAND for the series of pocket seals at the Študgart fair, he continued to invest in further development, so he quickly came to the position of the world’s leading manufacturer, which we can say is creating trends and introducing innovations in this segment of the market. As innovations in terms of technical solutions in raising the quality of the product itself, as well as innovation in the application of the seal, which is confirmed by the extremely wide range of Shiny seals for use in various industries, the textile industry, industrial marking, and seals with different personalization capabilities.

Shiny logo

A number of innovations Shiny brought, which have become a general trend in production, so that other manufacturers accept and use them in their production. In addition to the ultimate functionality of the seal, Shiny stamps dominate the design that is far ahead of the competition.

Taking this into account, Shiny seals are an ideal and complete solution for our business as sealers. Their attractive appearance easily brings the customer into a situation to choose for Shiny, the quality gives us the possibility of lightening and durability. We also give you a unique 5-year warranty for every Shiny automaton, which, together with this price, leads you to the IDEAL SELECTION position for your stamp.

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