Sublimation – The future of printing

The advantages of sublimation printing are numerous and stretch to all aspects of the press, and some of them are:

  • Extremely high print quality. If we use high-quality colors and sublimation paper, there is no possibility that the print process itself leads to poor print quality. So the quality of the product’s printing and appearance depends exclusively on the preparation for printing.

  • Large selection of materials for printing. The supply of materials and generally articles for sublimation printing is increasing, so it is possible to work on ceramics, glass, stone, plastics, textiles and many other types of materials.

  • Low cost of production of a single product. One of the biggest advantages of this press is the personalization of products and the production of small series of products. This is one of the advantages that is a direct comparative advantage on the market.

  • Low cost of equipment. The cost of equipment required for sublimation printing is extremely low. For complete equipment that can print on all materials and forms, it is necessary to separate from approx. 700 euros for some basic quality of equipment up to a maximum of 2000 euros for the highest quality equipment. For any other type of printing that would cover the quality and variety of materials that you can print with sublimation, you need investments that are 50 or 100 times higher. Even then, it is not possible to cover all the sublimation assortment, nor achieve such a low price for individual and small series production.

  • Sublimation can be done in any area where there are currents, there are no special conditions that would be required and the equipment occupies a minimum space. In addition, the equipment is small in size and lightweight, so it is possible to put off the machine after a completed press release in order to remain a free space for other jobs.

  • Professionalism. For the needs of this type of printing, only basic knowledge of working on a computer is required, if you have ever used a printer, you are qualified enough for this job. It sounds like a joke and it’s not that. This is also one of the great comparative advantages in this time, in which it is increasingly difficult to find quality experienced workers. It is also a big problem when, besides investing in a job, it is necessary to hire a special person to perform a job, especially professional with high salaries. Here we can fully rely on the existing team.

Sublimation printing is transfer printing, which is done on special items, paper and colors. The sublimation process begins by printing the desired motif on sublimation paper. By further processing of color from paper, under high temperature and high pressure switches from solid to gaseous state. In this process, the color of the gaseous state enters the pore of the material to which the imprint is applied.

The advantage of such a print is that it is not applied to the surface of the material, but it is in the material, which gives us high quality and durability of the press in everyday use, washing, machine, ironing and the like. The most up-to-date sublimation coatings on ceramics can handle more than 3,500 washing in dishwashers. This, you will surely agree, gives a little hope that the whole market has not turned into the production of all non-quality products in order to be competitive, but that even now a product can be found that has a long life in its unchanged form and appearance. Sublimation, at very favorable prices, brings us this, a large selection of quality products with maximum quality printing.

In addition to all of these advantages and attributes, this is one of the main reasons why we call sublimation the “printing of the future”.

Placement is one of the most important issues in business, and products that are sublimating cover many different placement opportunities. Due to its characteristics and advantages, sublimation is suitable as a separate business, and it is extremely convenient as an additional activity.

As an additional activity, it is very suitable for selling various gifts, souvenirs, school supplies, then in galleries, as well as in related activities, if you are dealing with some other kind of printing, engraving, stamps, keys, photography, photocopying and other similar activities. ideal supplement and expansion for your business.

In addition, to say “smaller customers” who buy birthday gifts or souvenirs, “big buyers” are companies that buy gifts for business partners, especially those who want to isolate in a way that each partner gets a personalized gift. This is a solution to the big problem for smaller firms, because other types of printing offer cheap products, but only when you are a big buyer and order lots of hundreds, sometimes even thousands of products. Because of this, many smaller companies give up purchases of gifts for partners, otherwise very important part of marketing and even appear on the market.

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